Your Choices in Solar Panel Mounting

Solar panels infront of blue sky with clouds in sunlight

Over the course of the last decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the numbers of homes, office buildings, and businesses that use solar panel systems as their primary energy source. Solar panel technology prior to this period used to be so expensive that really only the most wealthy individuals, businesses, and institutions could afford to get access to them, let alone purchase and have them installed. Now with a greater demand for this technology, as well as various developments made within the industry over the years, solar panel technology is now much more affordable, effective, and efficient than ever. In fact, the technology has developed to the point that it is now much easier for someone to install a solar panel system on their home or building themselves, without hiring professionals.

If you have been considering having solar panels installed for your home or business, you should certainly take time to learn as much as you can about the technology, generally, as well as the various methods of installation. Whether you choose to install them yourself or hire someone else to do it, knowing how they work and how they are constructed and installed would certainly be a benefit to you. If you do finally decide to install the solar panels yourself, then you absolutely will have to learn as much as possible about the different installation methods and ways of mounting them. This will not only ensure that they have been properly installed and securely mounted, it will also help ensure that you get the optimal amount of energy absorption, efficiency, and effectiveness.

When installing your solar panels, there are three primary types of mounts that you will most likely use: flush mounts, roof-ground mounts, and pole mounts. Of these, flush mounts are considered to be the least expensive and easiest to use. Flush mounts are most often used to place smaller sized panels on smaller roofs and structures, as well as larger vehicles like RVs. Roof-ground mounts, as you might guess, can be placed either on roofs or on the ground, and are also constructed so that you can adjust them according to the sun’s positions. These are very useful in that you can control their angles for greater effectiveness, but they are also considered to be the least aesthetically pleasing of the various mounting types.

There are also pole mounts, which come in three variations: ‘top of pole’, ‘side of pole’, and ‘tracking pole’. The main difference between the ‘top of pole’ mount and the ‘side of pole’ mount is that the first is fastened in such a way that it sits on top of the pole, while the other is fastened to the side of the pole. though not too different from the other pole mounts, the solar trackers mount actually as a device or mechanism on it that allows it to follow the sun’s path across the sky. Choosing which the most suitable one for your needs will require you to have a good understanding of your building’s position as it relates to the sun and its path of movement.

Beyond the obvious positive environmental effect, installing a solar panel system for your home or business will also help you save a tremendous amount of money on energy costs. As it is such a valuable investment, be sure to do your research and learn as much as possible about solar panels and which mount types are best for you. Find out more about solar trackers at this website.


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